JSP Fab JDM AE86 Billet Gas Cap Holder

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Introducing the JDM AE86 Billet Gas Cap Holder, the perfect solution for your gas cap storage needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of holding your gas cap while refueling and experience the convenience of this innovative accessory.

With the JSP Billet Gas Cap Holder, you'll never wonder where to place your gas cap again. This easy-to-install holder comes with two included screws, ensuring a secure and straightforward installation process. Made from CNC-machined shiny billet aluminum, this gas cap holder adds a touch of style to your AE86 and is sure to turn heads at the gas station.

Enhance your car's functionality and aesthetics with the JSP Billet Gas Cap Holder. It's the perfect addition for JDM-style gas caps with a 90-degree turn. Please note that it may not be compatible with gas caps that differ from the one shown in the product images. If you have a screw-on-type gas cap, be sure to check out our USDM version.

Upgrade your AE86 and never worry about misplacing or awkwardly holding your gas cap again. 

Note: Only works with JDM style 90-degree turn gas caps. If your cap doesn’t look like the one in the pics, it probably won’t work. Check out the USDM version if you have the screw-on type.