ACT Lightweight Steel Flywheel - SW20 3SGTE

Regular price $419.00

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Genuine ACT Product
-Lightened steel flywheel
-No starter ring issues
-Easily resurfaces with normal tooling
-SW20 w/ 3SGTE
-FC / FD RX7
-SC300 / Supra

ACT flywheels are our first choice when we look to reduce rotating inertia on our project cars. They offer a SAFE product at a reasonable price. We encourage our customers to stay away from aluminum flywheels as the steel starter ring and the aluminum flywheel itself can expand at different rates and separate.

Lightweight flywheels won't increase your actual power output, but they will allow the drive train to spin up faster, resulting in greater acceleration and response, especially in lower gears. Too light a flywheel can make the car very difficult to drive on the street, so use caution when making your selection.

Our project cars have benefited from ACT flywheels, with noticeably improved acceleration, and were overall more fun to drive.

*Rx7 flywheels require a counterweight, sold separately. Please contact us for details.