Toda 7AGE / 7AFE Chromoly Flywheel

Toda 7AGE / 7AFE Chromoly Flywheel


  • 47300
  • Save $2700

-Genuine Toda Racing Product

-Made in Japan 


-6 bolt crank

-212mm Disc Surface


Battle Garage is stocking a chromoly flywheel stateside for 7AGE conversions.  No more worries of shattered 7AFE flywheels for your high-revving franken motor!  Stock 7AFE flywheel is over 20lbs..we also recommend switching to a light weight flywheel for much stronger acceleration in the lower gears as well as much quicker throttle response.  

This flywheel will require a 212mm disc, standard on AE86 models. We recommend a stage II or stage III clutch to be used as the 7A will produce more torque than a 4A in almost all scenarios. 

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