7AG Enthusiast/Pro Conversion Kit - 16V / 20V

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-All essential parts for a reliable 7A conversion

-16V and 20V options

-Proper timing with broached sprocket


We offer two kits: Enthusiast and Pro

Enthusiast kits are geared for 7A builds with regular trips up to 7,500 RPM.  Occasional blasts to 8,000 RPM should be fine.  The primary weakness in 7A conversions is the weak rods/rod bolts on the stock 7A rods, main cap flex, and the cam timing issues when using a 7A block and a GE head. 

Pro kits are designed for users that will be racing or have large cams, header, or head work that will encourage usage up to and beyond 8000 RPM.  Unlike the 78mm stroke of a 4A bottom end, at 8000 RPM a 7A block with 85mm stroke will have piston speeds that match a Honda S2000 at 9000 rpm.  To help cope with the extreme bottom end loads, we recommend the use of MRP main reinforcement straps and ARP main studs to help reduce flexing of the stock cast iron main caps.  Keeping the bottom end aligned is essential for reliable life of bottom end bearings.  Heavy boost or all out race applications should consider using MRP's steel crank girdle for maximum block rigidity (sold separately).  

16V Kits:

Designed for use with 7AFE block, Late 16V/Silvertop Oil Pump, 7AFE crankshaft, Big port (recommended) or small port 4AGE head.

16V Enthusiast kit includes: MRP Forged 7A conversion rods, MRP modified sprocket, Dayco timing belt (sourced from european only car).  - $575 (normally 645)

16V Pro kit includes: All of the above plus MRP main reinforcement caps + ARP main studs - $795 (normally $878).

 20V Kits: 

Designed for use with 7AFE block, 7AFE crankshaft, Silvertop Oil Pump or Blacktop Oil Pump, and Silvertop or Blacktop head.  

20V Enthusiast kit includes: MRP Forged 7A conversion rods, MRP modified sprocket, Toyota OEM 16V Timing belt.  (Blacktop pump requires use of MRP mechanical tensioner to fit 16V belt, +$80). $550 

20V Pro Kit includes:  All of the above plus MRP main reinforcement caps + ARP main studs - $775 (normally $868).