TOMEI EXPREME Ti Type-R 60mm exhaust for the AE86 Corolla

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 We are proud to offer a fully titanium cat back exhaust for the serious AE86 enthusiast. These exhausts weigh in at a paltry 8lbs.  They're meticulously hand welded, and the bends made one piece at a time.  These are a real work of art, but we will let the photos speak for themselves. 

The 3 piece design is joined with slip joints and springs in an effort to provide maximum weight savings. 

Regarding noise levels, these exhaust are extremely loud, and can reach up to 102 db @ 4950 RPM (without the inner silencer.) This is definitely not for use on the road.  However for the dedicated weekend toy or track car, there is not a lighter exhaust on the market.

The Type R is the lightest of the Expreme Ti Series, coming in at approximately 1.21 pounds lighter than the Type-S. Compared to the stock AE86 exhaust, it's a whole 15.65 pounds lighter. 

The kit comes from an optional silencer, however we still do not recommend it for road use.



Quick Specs:

60mm pipe Diameter

90mm Outlet 

9lbs (3.8kg)

Full Titanium Construction