Surfab 50MM 3SGE BEAMS Complete ITB Kit

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Crafted with precision, our high-rise headers feature a CNC machined direct-to-head manifold for seamless integration with the 3sge Beams engine. The 50mm EFI Hardware throttles, coupled with 100mm trumpets (offering a choice of lengths), ensure optimal air intake for enhanced engine response. The incorporated vacuum chamber eliminates the need for messy vacuum lines, while O-ring sealed throttles and a balanced bar contribute to long-lasting durability.



Please note that these headers are not compatible with a standard ECU!
  • Direct-to-Head Manifold: CNC machined for a perfect fit, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  • EFI Hardware Throttles: Equipped with 50mm throttles from EFI Hardware for precise control and improved throttle response.
  • Trumpets with Length Options: 100mm trumpets with the flexibility to choose between longer or shorter options based on your specific needs.
  • Incorporated Vacuum Chamber: Streamlined design with an integrated vacuum chamber, minimizing clutter and simplifying installation.
  • O Ring Sealed Throttles and Balance Bar: Enhanced durability with O-ring sealed components and a balanced bar for smooth operation.
  • Throttle Linkage and Bosch TPS Sensor: Comprehensive kit includes throttle linkage and a Bosch Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for a complete and hassle-free setup.


  • Toyota 3SGE BEAMS engines


  • Throttles pre-assembled to the manifold
  • Throttle linkage
  • Bosch TPS sensor
  • All-new hardware
  • While some minor assembly is required, the included components ensure a straightforward installation process.