T3 4AG Trigger Wheel Front Mount Adapter

Regular price $99.75

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We now offer front mount adapters for our trigger wheels!

The typical way to mount our trigger wheels on the 4AG is to mount them on the backside of the crank pulley. This works well for all our pulleys except for the blacktop and GZE.

On some 4AG's such as the Blacktop 20V or the 4AGZE, this has not been possible. Our new front mount adapter allows the trigger wheel to be put on the front of any of our 4AG pulleys including the blacktop and 4AGZE! Price for the adapter and trigger wheel is $90.00

Crank pulley is not included. 



  • Balanced for use at high RPM's
  • Indexable to any position
  • plated for corrosion resistance
  • Comes with mounting hardware