Toyota Pilot Spigot Bearings

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Brand new genuine Toyota part.

  • Bearing located inside flywheel, pressed into rear of crankshaft.
  • Stabilizes transmission input shaft.
  • Suits all 4AG engines when mated with a T50 RWD transmission.
  • BEAMS suits 3SGE BEAMS with Manual transmission

Whenever transmission is out it is wise to inspect the clutch throw-out bearing as well as the pilot/spigot bearing located inside the flywheel.

You can check for wear on either of these by feeling or listening for roughness when the bearing is spun with your finger. Sometimes removal of old pilot bearing is difficult and a specialty puller may need to be sourced. In the US, local auto parts stores such as Autozone may loan out the tool for this job. Installation is usually easier with several taps with a flat punch in a circular motion usually getting the job done.

This Pilot bearing needs to be installed whenever converting an engine that previously had an automatic to a manual transmission (20V swaps) as automatics do not need this bearing. Failure to install a pilot bearing will result in damage.