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Genuine SQ Engineering Product

  • Cost effective way to seal off gearbox after a 3SGE/J160 gearbox combination

Application / need of use

The bottom half of a J160 bellhousing when fitted to a Beams engine is sealed off with part of the sump itself. This part of the sump is a hollow housing that curves down and can be readily cut into or fully removed. However this can pose an issue during an engine conversion in one of two situations below.

3sge Beams engine: Often during an engine / gearbox conversions this lower part of the sump is cut into to clear steering systems, once cut it opens the cavity leading into the bellhousing. Alternatively if the sump has been changed to a different type the same applies as below.

Other S-series engines: If the J160 gearbox has been fitted to any other S-series engine with a different sump then a whole section of the bellhousing will be left exposed.

With either of the situations above it exposes the clutch area to debris. This leaves the flywheel and clutch both vunerable to damage from grit making it's way between the friction surfaces.  


Our product

To allow for all different applications of use the product we offer is completely universal. It's a sandwich plate that is fitted directly on top of the existing plate that is bolted to the block. Once installed this will seal off the whole transmission face.