3SGE BEAMS SQ 1NZ Slimline Alternator Kit

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Genuine SQ Engineering Product

  • Allows for commonly found alternator replacement on the BEAMS
  • Includes alternator drive belt!
  • Choose "Include Alternator" if you want that as well


The Alternator brackets as used on the S-series are no pretty thing, in addition they are excessively heavy and bulky. The later models as used on the Beams engines were partially improved to be from a die cast aluminium construction but despite the material are still far from light.

In response to this we have come up with a replacement that suits all longitudinal mounted S-series engines which significantly improve on all of these points. Instead of trying to optimise for the original cumbersome alternator, this kit alternatively uses very common and cheap to source types as originally fitted to most 1 / 2NZFE engines (Yaris / Echo / others).   In the USA, a  2004 Toyota Echo Alternator works great. 


Features and advantages

 - Weight: Going from the original 3SGE Beams parts there is a total weight saving of near 4kg. For the earlier cast iron models this is increased to a massive loss that's close to 6.5Kg!

 - Fitment: Both the earlier high and the later low mount brackets hold the alternator quite far outwards, this is made even worse with the bulky dimensions of all S-series alternators. With our kit the outer edge of the replacement alternator ends up being in the region of 50mm closer to the engine block! This gives the engine a much more compact and hence neater look as well as helping those with smaller engine bays.

- Appearance / finish: The kits have been designed to look as nice as possible with a minimalist design. Once installed the main mounting brackets are almost completely hidden. As for the tensioner assembly it's slim and mounts to the rear of the alternators upper tab for a clean look.

- Wiring: The multi-pin plug as used on the NZ-series Alternators is the elongated oval type- the same as what's originally used on the 3sge Beams. This lets the wiring connect right up without changes on the Blacktop Beams engines. Also both this plug and the main terminal face towards the engine block. This lends itself to allowing for the wiring to be fairly well hidden.

- Parts availability: This kit suits either of two main NZ series Alternators. So instead of being stuck with something that's hard to find a replacement / spares for, the NZ engines being found almost everywhere have readily available parts in both genuine and aftermarket.



  • Main pivot bracket
  • Tensioning system with optional dip-stick mount (Beams)
  • Fasteners
  • DOES NOT include an alternator, this product is for a mounting kit only


Parts compatibility

- Engine / gearbox: This kit will bolt to any S-series engine that has a main crank pulley with twin equal diameter rows and both to suit a 4 rib belt. Some of the earlier engines use a small diameter 3-rin belt for the inside row and a larger 4-row outer, this crank pulley can't be used and would need to be swapped. It WILL NOT clear the driveshaft from a traverse gearbox. Therefore it can't be used with the gearbox from either a front wheel drive car or the rear traverse layout as used in an MR2.

- Intake manifold brace: This kit HAS NO intake manifold brace provision as used on the Beams engines. With quad throttles this is irrelevant but it's highly unrecomended to run the original intake manifold without any type of brace.

- Multi-pin wiring plug: Elongated oval - same as Beams and later model 4age - compatible plug kits here.

- Redtop Beams: On these engines the alternator pivot mount is integrated with the cooling system, front hook mount and the belt cover sealing. This means that if the engine is converted to a rear wheel drive format then our kit can be used but the original mount can only be reduced but not fully removed. This can be solved by fitting the front outlet, rear housing and head gasket from the later model Blacktop Beams engines.



 Parts options

 - Engine compatibility: The Blacktop Beams engines require an additional mounting point on the alternator tensioner to suit the dip-stick. Select this option if you have this type of engine.

- Drive belt: The factory fitted multi-rib drive belt is not compatible. 



Alternator compatibility

This kit is known to work with the two most common alternators as used on 1NZFE and 2NZFE engines, these were used in cars such as the Yaris and Echo.


1- Compatible - 70A - Denso / Toyota 27060-21040

2- Compatible - 80A - Denso / Toyota 27060-21030 or 27060-21150

3- Untested - 90A - Denso / Toyota 27060-21020 - This Alternator is likely to also fit but we can't give a guarentee of it and it may require a longer belt such as a 4PK-715.