3SGE BEAMS - 90 Degree PCV Polution Control Valve

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The original PCV on a Beams engine is straight and suits a 19mm vacuum hose. This part on offer is a direct replacement but has the key difference of suiting a much smaller hose size and also having a 90 degree bend, this is to aim the hose towards the rear of the engine. 

This product is normally offered with SQ BEAMS quad throttle manifold so as to clear the throttle linkages, it does however have other advantages. Using this replacement the vacuum hose is reduced from 19mm down to 10mm,however the internal valve size remains an identical size, and so the flow isn't reduced. The hose is also routed from the rear of the engine and parallel to the head. This means it's almost completely hidden by the top plastic cover and the hose is easily directed to the back and then to either side of the engine bay.

Therefore this product is an excellent choice for anyone who's looking for a minimalist and cleaning looking engine bay or just to have a better path for this vacuum hose.

Note: A very small piece of the top plastic cover needs to be cut to clear the fitted hose, this is very easy to do and isn't visible once fitted.