2JZ-GTE Front and Rear Main Seals - OEM Toyota

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-Front and rear main seals
-Front located behind timing gear sprocket
-Rear located in front of flywheel. 
-May work for 1JZ-GTE as well

Main seals will usually start to weep oil around 100K miles of use, or 10 years of age. We would certainly replace these if the flywheel is off for any reason, or if the lower timing belt cover is beginning to look oily. Oil on a belt can lead to valve train damage if the belt slips. This is cheap insurance. 

Install with a light coat of Permatex grey on outside, and light coat of oil on inside of seal where moving parts will be in contact with the seal. Seal drivers and removers can be rented or loaned to you by your local auto parts store in most cases.

Seals are sold in pairs, contact us for special orders of only one seal.