4AGE 20V VVT Solenoid

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Brand new genuine VVT solenoid.
-For Silvertop and Blacktop
-Coated with light film of oil from the factory
-We carry these in stock.  Avoid 3-4 week wait time ordering from Japan!
These solenoids have gone bad on us occasionally.  The heat from the header can cause these to fail over the course of time.  They are very easy to replace as all you need to do is remove two bolts, the connector, and have a rag handy to wipe the spilled oil.
These solenoids receive a constant 12V and are switched on when the ECU grounds the other pin.  Early Silvertops only turned VVT on above 4,000 RPM and later Silvertop and all blacktop turned on between 2,300 RPM and 6,600 RPM depending on load. The effect of VVT is quite noticeable with a modest increase in torque in the mid-range.