4AGE 20V Oil Pump (Upgrade for 16V Engines)

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Replace your oil pump if you have spun a bearing our are doing an overhaul.  Oil pump gears fatigue after long periods of high-rpm use (road racing, drifting) and can result in cracked and shattered pump gears.  
If you are consistently revving your 20V beyond 7,500 RPM for significant periods of time during competition and track use, it is wise to replace your oil pump after every season.  
For spirited street driving with occasional and short bursts to redline the oil pump should be changed less often.  Our recommendation is to change the pump out every 80K miles or so. 
We stock blacktop oil pumps and are now stocking silvertop pumps as well.  AE101 silvertop pumps bolt right onto a 3-rib and 7-rib 4AGE and have a better pump design.  
We would recommend upgrading your 16V to the silvertop pump if you have your engine apart or have had an oil related failure.