20V 4AGE into AE86 Plug and Play Swap Harnesses

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Modular 20V 4AGE into AE86 Plug and Play Swap Harnesses - A Battle Garage Exclusive

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Requires the use of a Blacktop ECU and is compatible with Blacktop or Silvertop Engines.   This harness is for RWD AE86 configurations.

This harness only works with Left-hand drive 20V swaps! Please contact our support email if you are interested in a right-hand drive full harness variant. 



Guaranteed 100% no hassle plug and play harness for silvertop and blacktop 4age 20v swaps prestocked and ready to ship at your convenience.

We co-developed this variant of the Tweak'd swap harness to be fully modular so it can grow with your swap.  The ignition output on the harness can be swapped out for different lengths and configuration depending on if you have a dizzy in the OEM location, relocated, or you've converted to COPS.  All that's needed is a simple plug and play change of the ignition sub-harness that we provide.   This is unique to BGRS versions of this harness.


These harnesses are manufactured by TWEAK’D Performance in the USA using new high quality wire, new OEM terminals, and new OEM connector housings wrapped in their signature braided sleeves. Plug and play no hassle installation with no core harness required for Sr5 or GTS. Windshield wipers would need to be wired in, fortunately, Tweaked offers this service for free along with superior customer care with all inquires, troubleshooting and lifetime warranty!

TWEAK’D Performance is no stranger to building custom wiring harnesses for engine swaps with a staggering 9 years of professional experience in the industry, specializing in Toyota engines and swaps. TWEAK’D takes pride in every one of their products with a definitive stand for longevity by providing LIFETIME warranty and customer service with each harness that's built.

 From Tweaked:

“We don't just build a harness and ship it off. Every harness we build is laid out on our tried-and-true harness jigs to ensure a perfect fit every single time. Every detail is checked to make sure that your wiring harness is built to our standards. We don't ever send a harness to a customer unless we would happily install that on our own engine swap for our personal car. Then not one, but two engine swap experts doublecheck every single terminal, connector, and wire on your harness to make sure every circuit has perfect continuity. While we all know that mistakes aren't impossible, we ship every one of our harnesses with full confidence that you, our customer, will never need to use our unbeatable LIFETIME warranty."


Tweak'd Performance has been doing plug and play wiring conversions, custom engine harnesses and wire tucks for over 9 years. They pride ourselves in supporting our product for LIFE. If you ever have a problem with any of our wiring work, they will either help you diagnose and fix the problem over the phone or email, or they will cover shipping both ways and repair it for free!” – TWEAK’D Performance