16V / 20V 4AGE Silvertop Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing

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Brand New Toyota Part
-Fits 4AGE 16V, All versions
-Fits Silvertop AE101 20V
-Tensioner bearing for timing belt
We replace these every other timing belt change on our 4AGE engines.  If yours is making noise when spun, or is hard to spin, you should definitely replace it.  A seized bearing will cause the timing belt to fail, but fortunately a stock Bluetop / Redtop / Silvertop engine is not an interference one (Blacktop would bend valves).  If you have aftermarket cams or pistons though, your engine is likely interference now!
Fun fact:  you can install a Silvertop oil pump and timing belt tensioner on your blacktop engine to get away from the hydraulic tensioner with no negative side effects!