Jackson Racing 2022+ GR86/BRZ Track Engine Oil Cooler Kit

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Elevate your track performance with the Jackson Racing 2022+ GR86/BRZ Track Engine Oil Cooler Kit. Designed to combat soaring engine oil temperatures during intense track sessions or in hot climates, this kit ensures your FA24 engine stays cool and performs at its peak. Engineered by Jackson Racing, a trusted name in performance upgrades, this kit offers a comprehensive solution for optimal oil cooling.


  • Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Bracket: Precision-engineered for direct air exposure, powder-coated for corrosion resistance, and easily installed using factory hole locations.
  • Setrab 15 Row Oil Cooler: Championed by Jackson Racing for over a decade, featuring a unique internal turbulator design for enhanced cooling capability, factory pressure tested, and finished with black epoxy to resist corrosion.
  • Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Shroud: Newly introduced for 2022, directs airflow over the Setrab core, boosting cooling efficiency with its raw aluminum finish.
  • JR Thermostatic Oil Cooler Adapter: Integrates a thermostat for optimal oil warm-up, four M22 ports with -10AN fittings, and a titanium grey finish for durability.
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines: Pre-assembled for convenience, featuring OE quality oil hose and Oetiker clamped hose ends for reliability.
  • High Quality Metric Fasteners & Hardware: Ensures secure installation and longevity.
  • Industry Leading Customer Service & Support: Backed by 40+ years of proven performance and a full-color installation manual.


  • Cooler Core: Setrab 9-Series 15 Row
  • Adapter Features: Integrated thermostat, four M22 ports with -10AN fittings, titanium grey finish
  • Oil Lines: -10AN Aeroquip OE quality
  • Mounting: Uses factory locations, no drilling/cutting needed
  • Pressure Testing: Factory tested to 10bar
  • Cooler Finish: Black epoxy for corrosion resistance
  • Temperature Control: Keeps oil below 240ºF on track
  • Installation: Plug and play, with full-color manual included


The kit leverages the proven effectiveness of the Setrab 9-Series oil cooler core, meticulously tested to meet the demands of track and race enthusiasts. Its design ensures consistent oil temperatures even under extreme conditions, maintaining engine performance throughout on-track sessions. The integrated thermostat and optional sensor ports offer additional adaptability for various driving scenarios.


  • Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Bracket
  • Setrab 15 Row Oil Cooler
  • Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Shroud
  • JR Thermostatic Oil Cooler Adapter
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines
  • High Quality Metric Fasteners & Hardware
  • Full Color Installation Manual


Compatible with 2022+ GR86/BRZ models, this kit offers a plug-and-play solution for enthusiasts seeking to maximize their vehicle's performance on the track while ensuring reliability and longevity.

Air to Oil Kit, Gen 1 Cars, NA