TRD 4AGE 0.8mm Metal Headgasket (16V)

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Genuine TRD 0.8mm Headgasket
  • 82.5mm Bore
  • Suits 16V 4AG and 4AGZE
  • Increases compression ratio about half a point (0.5)
  • Great for fine tuning static compression ratio
Best to order these with other items - they require their own box to protect them which makes shipping the head gaskets by themselves a bit pricey.
No matter if you have a high dollar race engine or you simply have the head off of your street engine for service, consider using this TRD gasket to give a little more "pop".  
A normal OEM type gasket has a compressed height of 1.2mm - this metal gasket will be just under 0.8mm when compressed.  This small difference in compressed height will result in a half point increase in compression ratio (0.5).  If you are on a stock ECU this will give you a slight increase in torque and power at all RPM's.  With a standalone, the gains can be even greater.
Please be aware that while metal gaskets are extremely durable and resistant to blowing out under extreme loads (N/A or Turbo), they are a little harder to get to seal than OEM style gaskets. That being said, most new cars have all metal gaskets like this. Just let your engine machinist know if you are switching gasket styles when re-building.  If you are not re-facing your head, just be very careful to fully clean the head surface when switching.  
We suggest bringing your machinist a 6 pack of beer to look over your head before you torque it back on.