BGRS x Wilwood 4 Caliper Front Brake Kit

Battle Garage Racing Service

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Genuine BGRS Product

-Huge 280mm Slotted/Drilled rotors

-Very light forged Wilwood 4 piston calipers

-All mounting hardware

-No master cylinder change needed


For those looking for a track oriented brake setup without braking the bank (sorry) we have put together a wicked Wilwood brake kit.  These calipers are extremely light, yet don't require master cylinder bore upgrade to retain good brake feel.  To top it off, the calipers are lower profile than FC calipers, so will still clear most 14" wheels with an 8mm spacer.  Will clear all 15" wheels.  

Downsides?  ALL Wilwood calipers do not include dust seals as they are a track oriented caliper.  This means brake fluid changes should be done a bit more frequently than the stock or FC front brake setup.  See our FC kit as an alternative.  



-Wilwood 4 piston calipers


-Stainless Steel Lines

-BGRS Adapter Bracket

-Wilwood Track pads

-All needed mounting hardware



Replacement rotors available for $150/pair.  

**Use these with our AJPS S13 rotor upgrade for a quick and easy way to get incredible braking performance for a great price!**

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