BGRS x Swift AE86 Springs (Rear Height-adjustable Type)

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Spring Rate
With or without adjustable perches

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Genuine BGRS x Swift Product

  • Fine-tuned Swift Racing springs 
  • Built to BGRS specifications - rate, height, and color
  • 4.7kg / mm using proprietary BGRS progressive spring rate
  • Increase rear traction - less hopping, more grip
  • AE86 rear spring only
  • Compatible with all major coilover vendor's rear adjustable perches - Stance, BC, Greddy, etc.
  • Priced per pair
  • Perches available separately 






Swift Progressive springs for AE86 by Battle Garage

Specially tuned progressive curve specific for the AE86 rear suspension characteristics. 

4.7kg/mm BGRS Swifts are now progressive.  We worked with Swift springs for months and tested several prototype springs to realize a spring that is ideal for people that drive their AE86's hard on real world roads. 

We have been advocating a drop in rear spring rate from the ubiquitous 8kg/mm front, 6Kg/mm rear springs setup for some time.  However, other spring rates for the rear coilover setups have not been available, until now!  

Does this sound familiar?  You have your awesome Greddy/BC/Megan/Stance (etc) AE86 coilovers installed.  All seems right in the world.  But after you take it out, you notice the rear wants to step out...all of the time!  Going over bumpy patches has the rear of the car hopping around like mad, despite what you have the adjustable dampers set at.  This is not the fastest away to drive a car, folks.  

Our theory is that the 6kg/mm rear spring rate that comes with off the shelf coilovers is far too stiff for how light the rear ends of these cars are.  This is compounded by how short the springs are with aftermarket perches, as there is less travel available in the linear rate portion of the springs.  The BGRS x Swift springs are about the same height, but Swift's cold wound spring technology allows for more compliance throughout the suspension's stroke.  Dropping the spring rate down will give you more speed through turns by letting the front of the car combat more of body roll, allowing the rear tires to generate more lateral and forward grip.  

We offer the springs in our recommended 4.5K/mm rear spring rate.  This will pair up beautifully with 7kg/mm front springs on most cars, but even using just 4.5K in the rear with 8K up front will allow for a more stable car.  If you experience more push then you'd like, you can drop down to a 6-7kg/mm front Swift coilover spring (also available through Battle Garage) or install a slighty larger rear sway bar.  

BGRS Recommended spring rate table for AE86s:

Front Spring Rate (Kg/mm) Rear Spring Rate (Kg/mm)
8  5-5.5
7 4.5-5
6 4K-4.5


Q: Will these springs work with the shocks that came with my [insert brand here] coilovers?

A:  Most coilover vendors specify that you can go +/- 2kg/mm away from the supplied 8K front/6Kg/mm rear spring setup and still be within the dampers operating range, so there shouldn't be any issues with your coilover's dampers. 

Q: I use my car mainly for drift events, will these springs help me reach the D Dimension?

A: In our experience, having a slightly softer rear spring rate will let the car slide in a more progressive way. This means easier transitions, and less chance of spinning out from too little rear grip.  Fine tuning with adjustable sway bars will allow you to set the car up to your preference, but still retain extra grip under throttle.  The extra rear grip should allow you to have more speed through the turns when sliding, making the car more competitive against newer machines.

Q:  Can I slam my car with these springs? 

Since the 4.5 kg/mm variant is now progressive, the spring will be a little bit taller than the 6K rear spring that comes with your off the shelf coilovers.  You can still go pretty low using the spring adjusters, but we do not recommend slamming your car as you need a bit of travel to soak the bumps up.