Tokico HTS Competition Shocks

Tokico HTS Competition Shocks


  • 19500
  • Save $000

Genuine Tokico Product

  • Infinite compression and rebound adjustment
  • Valved for stiff spring rates
  • Great chassis control and a decent ride
  • Available to the US market again!

If you've been a member on club4ag for a long time, you know that HTS shocks were THE shocks to get.  The only ones more famous might be TRD race shocks, at a higher price point. 

Tokico HTS are available once again after about a year and a half delay in distribution.  These are good shocks for someone looking to do drift events or some track use.  They pair very well with spring rates ranging from 3.5KG-12KG - the internals are able to handle these high rates without blowing.  They feature adjusters that change compression and rebound at the same time.  


Photo credit: OldSkewlToy

These shocks provide great chassis control when dialed in correctly but do not have the best small bump absorption from what we've experienced.  These are a great shock if you aren't quite ready to step up to full race Konis and don't care about slightly jarring impacts going over sharp bumps (like railroad tracks).   

We do recommend these over AGX shocks which are less sophisticated in their valving.  

We carry both short and regular stroke shock options for AE86 chassis.  Just ask.  MR2 applications available as well.  Shocks are priced each unless you purchase them as a set of 4. 

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