Toda Racing High Power Profile IN Camshaft 268 12.0 - SXE10

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Brand: Toda Racing
Product: High Power Profile IN Camshaft 268 12.0 - SXE10
Part Num: 14111-XE1-001

Side: Intake
Angle: 268
Lift (mm): 12.0

- Standard springs can be used. However for the best effect Toda suggest Toda Up Rated Valve Springs (Part Num 14750-XE1-000).
- Can idle with STD ECU, However Toda suggest the ECU replacement.

- Opening Valve Rate Improved
By improving the opening valve rate via the smooth acceleration and the smoothing of the transition from closed to open the period of time that the valve is open for is greatly improved. So by using the principals of quick but smooth actions more air can be drawn through the engine.
- Non-symmetrical
The cam profile of both the opening and closing phases of the valve lift are not symmetrical, as the closing phase is extended slightly reducing the impact of the valve when it returns to the seat. Making the valve return quietly to the seat, reduces friction, improves reliability and at the same time reduces valve train noise.
- Material Quality
Toda do not only pursue improvements in power output (via, mechanical design) but we also pursue material quality, in particular the relationship between the contact face of the cam, rocker arms and cam followers, so helping to reduce friction further. Toda also conduct research into the thermal process on the surface of the cam.
All this data forms the basis for the production of many prototypes where bench tests are carried out alongside actual racing. With everything done in house there is no room for compromise and so you can only benefit from Toda constant search for improved performance.