SQ GTiR Intake Adapter Plate for 20V Throttles

SQ Engineering

  • 18000

Custom SQ Engineering Nissan GTiR Pulsar Plenum Adapter for RWD 4AG.

-Allows for OEM Looking Plenum Solution.
-Can be used for forced induction or N/A.
-Includes sealing gasket.
-ST or BT throttle body spacing, 16V and 20V.
-Throttle inlets carefully radiused.
-GTiR cast aluminum intake plenum NOT included.

The factory 20V airbox requires a lot of fabrication to be suitable for RWD use. There are also aftermarket plenum solutions from Japan but they are all quite expensive. The SQ Engineering adapter uses the top half of a plenum from a non-us Nissan Pulsar GTiR (SR20 with individual throttle bodies) to provide a fully sealed intake for use with Silvertop or Blacktop throttle bodies. Effective intake plenum design is an art and a science and many fabricators may not have the resources to create a unit that maximizes efficiency and performance. GTiR plenums were designed for performance and have the correct volume, inlet diameter, and taper for a performance engine.

The factory GTiR plenum is not included. GTiR's were not common cars but enjoyed a production run of nearly 15,000 units. Plenums are available on Ebay in the UK and are often under $100.

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