Fortune Auto Coilovers - 500 Series for AE86

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Custom Spring Rates?

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Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers for AE86 Toyota Corollas (Generation 6)



Includes 30mm RCAs and Fortune Auto camber plates (AE86 application)

Battle Garage is very picky about suspension.   We have always wanted a suspension that is stiff enough to provide controlled body motions, but compliant enough to be usable on real US roads and still perform on mountain runs. Offshore coilovers rarely can offer this as they use inexpensive dampening mechanisms that perform terribly over sharp, fast bumps, causing jarring impacts and poor traction on less than glass smooth surfaces.  

What makes Fortune Auto special?

  • Extra digressive valving - Fortune Auto makes a big deal about their valving being digressive.   You want this.  Digressive valving means that at low shock piston speeds (entering a corner, weight transfer, etc) the shock will be very firm on compression and rebound resulting in a controlled chassis.  But as piston speed increases (hitting a speed bump, gap in the freeway, railroad tracks), the shock will become proportionally softer - meaning a supple ride.  This can be obtained by having a true shim stack that allows the damper to "blow off" the excess force from a high speed impact. The knee (sharp bend) in the chart below shows where the valving goes from linear to digressive.  Cheap coilovers won't do this, causing harshness and poor performance.


  • Customizable - You may order your FA coilovers with custom spring rates and shock valving to suit.  This is critical as too many people settle with the overly stiff spring rates provided by coilover companies that don't understand our roads.  For example, just about every coilover for the AE86 includes 8/6 springs rates...a rate that works well for Japan with mirror smooth roads, but in the US, we have actual bumps, pot holes, and other imperfections that will cause discomfort AND worsen performance as the tires skitter over bumps.   Will you lose performance with a softer spring rate?  Yes, if your car only set up for the track and you only run R-comps or slicks.  Otherwise you will have MORE grip with road tires handling bumps, mid-corner.  Our suggestion for AE86 chassis is 7kg front, 5.5kg (5kg with true rear coilovers).  Hatchbacks will need slightly more rear spring to compensate for more weight and less chassis strength, all else equal. For the other chassis we carry these for, our advice is use rates about 80% of what all the off-shore and JDM coilovers offer as default.  You will thanks us later. Please leave a note a checkout what rates you want, otherwise we will order the default rates.                                                   

  • Radial bearings - Most coilovers rely on the pillow ball bearing of the camber plate to handle rotation of the strut - something the bearing is not designed for. FA allows you to upgrade to radial bearings with any of their coilovers. For cars without power steering, this upgrade greatly reduces steering effort at low speeds. 

  • Upgradeable - Any 500 Series coilover can be upgraded to a true remote reservoir system at any time.  Remote reservoirs allow for an even more supple ride and are less prone to shock fade for intense track use.  

  • Customer Support - Battle Garage or Fortune Auto can recommend a spring and valving scheme for your needs.  Fortune Auto will also rebuild your coilovers if they wear out.  Crash on track?  Fortune Auto can also sell you a replacement corner at a reasonable price.  This company gets it. 
  • Upgrade to BGRS x Swift rear height adjustable springs for much more rear traction and compliance.  Available in 4.7 and 5.5kg/mm rates. 

Fortune Auto has provided an end-to-end solution for what enthusiasts really want - a great bolt-on suspension emulating some of the technology used in high end racing systems at a reasonable price and with great support.

If you do not see your vehicle listed, please contact us  

***Fortune Auto Coilover Kits are HAND MADE TO ORDER meaning there is a 6-7 week lead time on all orders.***

***Please leave a note a checkout what rates you want, otherwise we will order the default rates.***

***BGRS x Swift rear coilover springs can be added in for AE86 OEM spring type Fortune Autos..  Add that option to the cart when ordering your kit if you would like that upgrade.  Click here for more info***

***International shipping is priced independently. Please inquire support email for shipping quote.***



BGRS fast road car (w/7AGE 20V) on FA 500 Series at Auto Club Speedway 

Some of the worlds fastest Time Attack cars are on special tuned Fortune Autos

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