Premium AE86 Front Right and Left BLADE ASSY, WINDSHIELD WIPERS

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Over time, a lot of AE86 have been completely gutted or had stuff taken off of them in the name of weight savings or track builds, and unfortunately, the windshield wipers and the general assembly that go along with them often fall victim to this. If you find yourself in this or a similar situation, then we have you covered.

These windshield wipers are the correct assembly for your Corolla, and come with the necessary bolts to get them back on.  DENSO is an OEM supplier to Toyota.  These are some very high-quality wiper blades!

Kit Includes:

  • x1 Passenger side wiper
  • x1 Drivers side wiper
  • x4 bolts

Part Fitment:

1983-1987  Toyota Levin / Trueno / RWD Corolla AE86 4AGE / 4AC


NOTE: We will provide an equal quality aftermarket wiper blade if we are out of stock of Denso wiper blades.