MRP CP Piston 4age

MRP CP Piston 4age


  • 70000

MRP CP 4age Forged Pistons are the latest and greatest pistons to come to the market for the 4age. These are available for 16v or 20v use the drop down menu to select the ones you need. 

MRP LTD regards CP as the best forged piston on the market. We recommend these for all n/a and turbo builds.
These pistons are already designed for over sized valves and high lift camshafts
Various bore sizes available and compression (please list in notes what bore and compression you want)
CP pistons have been regarded as “the best kept secret in motorsport” – and for good reason.

Features include:

  • Forged from high strength 2618 Alloy
  • Super lightweight designs
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to within 1 gram
  • Wrist pins included at no extra cost (aka gudgen pin)
  • Piston rings are included
  • Double pin oilers, force fed from oil ring
  • Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal
  • Optional Ceramic coated domes
  • Optional teflon skirts

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