• 54000

Special Order Item


  • Specially designed system for competition use only
  • Increase of exhaust gas velocity in order to improve efficiency
  • The middle silencer (resonator maintains torque in the low to mid speed range
  • Mufflers are made with SUS304 stainless steel
  • Inner silencer is included with all systems
  • Ensures unrivaled durability
  • Holy shit these are loud.  Silencer is a must for street use. 


From Buddy Club:

Toyota Corolla with AE86 Chassis 1986, Spec II Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System by Buddy Club®.

Exhaust Pipe Material: Stainless Steel. Exhaust Type: Cat-Back. Main Piping Diameter: 2.5". Developed strictly for competition use, the Buddy Club Racing Spec II exhaust system is the pinnacle of all competition exhaust systems available today.

A racing spec muffler is a light weight and highly efficient muffler that is made to perform for circuit run. In its street version to optimize torque in the low to mid speed range it is equipped with an efficient middle silencer (resonator). Engineered to perform and outperform any competition, this innovative product ensures the power, sound, and efficiency you demand. The use of the highest grade materials results in long and reliable service life of the product. Ensuring unequaled quality and value, it will surely provide enhancement in performance of your vehicle. 


Founded in 1990 by Mitoshi Kakimoto, famous Formula 3 driver in Japan, Buddy Club® utilizes cutting-edge race proven technology combined with prime quality materilas to provide the finest performance parts, leaving its competitors far behind. The brand offers an extensive selection of superior performance aftermarket parts for restyling and performance make-over, including dampers, wheels, exhausts, mufflers, bucket seats, engine parts, brakes, carbon hoods, and many more. Perfect both for the street and the track, Buddy Club parts will set your vehicle apart, boost power and performance. At Buddy Club, they're dedicated racing fans that often take part in prestigious racing events which enables them to keep abreast of the latest trends and needs in the tuner market. 

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