BGRS FC3S 4-Pot Big Brake Conversion Kit for AE86

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We recommend the Wilwood brake kit as it's lighter, fits behind wheels better, and can work with the OEM brake master cylinder while retaining great brake feel. 


-Genuine Battle Garage RS Product

-A complete package for converting AE86 front brakes to the 4-Piston brakes used on the second-generation Mazda RX-7

Includes: RX7 FC3S factory rebuild calipers, BG Racing Green 6061 adapters, brake pads (upgradeable), pair of 14" or 15" compatible rotors, TechnaFit SS Lines, custom rotors and ALL necessary hardware.

14" Wheel Owners: These kits are available in a smaller 258mm size which works with most low offset vintage (AE86 fitment) wheels. You may need to add 3-8mm of spacer for the inside of the wheel to clear the caliper.  In rare cases, a small amount of material from the caliper may need to be ground off.  If you are set on your rare 14" wheels but still want fade-free track performance, our 258mm kit is what you want.

For others running 15"+ wheels: our 15" kit offers the highest performance. 


Both 14" and 15" kits will eliminate virtually all brake-fade issues found in a stock system.

We recommend pairing this kit with the AJPS S13 brake rotor conversion for best results, or utilizing an adjustable proportioning valve to turn down the front bias for better overall performance.

Wondering if the 14" kit will work with your wheels? Contact us about our loner adapter and caliper program!

*Porterfield pads extra, please inquire*

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