AJPS Steering Rack Spacers - AE86/AE71/AW11/MX71/KP61


  • 8500

Genuine AJPS Product
-Machined from 4140 steel
-Made in Australia
-HUGE angle on AE86, AE72, AE71, AW11, MX71, KP61 manual and power racks
-Includes optional slip on spacer in addition to thread on spacer for the brave ****

If you are looking for more steering angle then your wheel wells can handle, this is pretty much the end of the road. This kit includes a slip-on spacer for the opposite end of the rack, just in case you are already using extended lower control arms and want even more angle. If you install the thread-on spacer, center your rack, and find that's all the steering lock you or your car can handle, so be it. If you've made the necessary wheel well clearance to start doing u-turns in the drive-through, add that slip on spacer to the other end of the rack.

We at BGRS enjoy touge and track as much as the next enthusiast; But, when we are out to do some skids, we want the tools to be able to come in with all the angle we dare.

*Note - AW11 racks are NOT the same as a true AE86/AE71/AE72 manual rack. You will find 1 side of the rack is longer than an AE manual rack. You may wish to add the thread-on to that side, to try and equalize lock on each side.

***Includes slip-on spacer for maximum angle compared to other available products***

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