AJPS S13 Rear Rotor Upgrade for AE86

AJPS S13 Rear Rotor Upgrade for AE86


  • 20800

Genuine AJPS Product
-Allows use of bolt-on S13 rear rotors
-Retain your stock AE86/GT-S rear calipers
-Retains factory handbrake
-Machined steel for strength and form factor
-Zinc plated for corrosion resistance and durability

FC3S front caliper upgrades are one of the most popular brake upgrade paths for the venerable AE86. With such an increase in front braking force, you may find that the fronts lock up far too easily, decreasing overall braking performance. The goal, remember, is to utilize the available grip from all 4 tires when performance braking.

With AJPS' simple kit, you can very easily use S13 / Silvia rear rotors with your stock GT-S rear disc brake calipers. The larger S13 rotors coupled with the AJPS adapter bracket and rotor spacer offer greater mechanical grip and heat capacity. This means easier e-brake skids, and greater braking endurance and performance when at the track!

Yes, you read that right. It will now be easier to lock up your rear wheels when e-braking with this kit.

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