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The SSR MKII is one of the most iconic wheel choices for the AE86 and we are finally able to source them for our BGRS Customers! 

These wheels are made in a 3-piece design, meaning there is a face, an inner barrel, and outer barrel. We are able to offer these wheels in a range of sizes and offsets. We have picked out sizes that we believe fit best on a corolla, but if you're looking for a different size, feel free to send us an email at to see if we can get a hold of it. 

Offset Values

Each wheel size/ width is available in either an A or B offset. Depending on the size of the wheel, this offset can change. The information below shows the offset values for each wheel size/ type 

13x7 A:-1 / B: +11

13x7.5 A:-7 / B:+5

13x8 A:-13 / B:-1

13x8.5 B:-7

14x7 A:0 / B: +12

14x7.5 A:-6 / B:+6

14x8 A:-12 / B:0

14x8.5 B:-7

15x7 A:0 / B:+12

15x7.5 A:-6 / B:+6

15x8 A:-12/ B:0

15x8.5 B:-7/ C:+6

15x9 C:0

Wheel Features

- Wheel "face" colors include: black, red, orange, gun metallic, yellow, white, gold, and silver

- Available in 13, 14, and 15 inch diameters

- range of widths  and offsets available

This is a special order item- They will have to be ordered with our supplier and may have an extended lead time. Additionally, once the order is placed, you are unable to cancel it. 

Special thanks to GO TIME! for the awesome pictures of these wheels. Check them out on Youtube and Instagram!

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