Battle Garage Racing Service - Track Bag

Battle Garage Racing Service

  • 1000

Genuine BGRS Product

-Limited edition BGRS Parts & Tune Track Bag

-BGRS Green poly bag

-10" x 12"

-Draw string

We told our graphics designer (who also runs Rapid Heart Tumblr) to commission a piece for our company and he came up with this very 90's pixel-art design.  We liked it so much that we decided to print the design on these limited-release tote bags to commemorate Battle Garage's 2-year anniversary at the 2014 86 Fest.

These bags are perfect for carrying all your track-day essentials like racing gloves, driving shoes, Go-Pro's and cigarettes.    Show your support for the stylings of the 90's and the BG Tuning Spirit!

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