Techno Toy Tuning (T3) Budget Complete Handling Package for the AE86 Corolla

Techno Toy Tuning

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Techno Toy Tuning (T3) have been asked several times over the years to come up with a comprehensive budget kit to transform the handling on the AE86.

This is an absolute minimum cost "no compromises" kit to turn your AE86 into a proper sports or track car.  You will be absolutely blown away by what this kit does to the handling of your car.  The car will handle road race, drift, auto-x or mountain driving with confident response and feedback. 

Kit consists of:

Eibach ERS Race springs in your choice of spring rate. Average 2" to 4" drop depending on setup.

Swift Springs Japan rear lowering springs in 6kg. These offer a average 2.5" drop

AGX Adjustable Short stroke strut inserts

AGX Adjustable Short stroke  shocks

-Prothane full bushing kit

-Roll Center Adjusters

-Advanced strut tube spacers (for bolt on coilover kit only, not needed on weld on kit)

Two kits we offer: (Please choose specific kit when check out) 
1. Weld On coilover kit (Without front spindle)
          -Comes with 6" threaded sleeves

2. Bolt On Coilover kit (With front bolt on spindle) 
          - Comes with 3" threaded sleeves

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